Summer 2016 Appleseed: Progress

Posted on Jun 24, 2016 in ALL NEWS, AppleSeeds, Community, Events, Family BirthPlace, Foundation

Five years ago Jamestown residents, Jennifer Kross, along with husband, Aaron Pearse, gave birth to the last baby born at Jamestown Hospital, Miles Alexander Pearse. Although it was the end of an era at the facility, it was the beginning of tremendous growth and opportunity for both JRMC and its patients.

Jennifer recalls, “It was kind of weird walking in (to the old hospital). All the boxes were there and we felt like we were the only patients.” She and Aaron prepared themselves for the possibility of Miles’ birth at either the old or new medical facility. After his birth, they were transferred by ambulance to the new Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

“Although the building was new, the nurses and care were the same,” says Jennifer. “We had the birth experience that we wanted.”

Today, Miles is thriving at five. He is all smiles and hugs. He likes to play with ponies and Legos and swim. He is also the proud big brother of Alice, born at JRMC three years ago.

Read the full Summer 2016 Appleseed issue here: https://foundation.jrmcnd.com/about-us/appleseeds/