Sports Medicine

Jamestown Regional Medical Center is proud to be “The Official Sports Medicine Team for Blue Jay Athletics” …and you!


JRMC and its Athletic Trainer, Adrienne Gahm, provide full-time coverage of Blue Jay Varsity athletics.

Service to Jamestown High School include:

  • prevention of athletic injuries through the application of protective taping, wraps and braces and assist in the design of practices to help reduce the incidence of injury
  • advise coaches of flexibility, strengthening and conditioning programs to help optimize performance
  • provide immediate care of athletic injuries and refer the athlete to medical facilities when necessary
  • design and supervise rehabilitation programs for athletic injuries under the direction of a referring physician
  • advice on injury self-care

Sports Medicine at Jamestown Regional Medical Center can help anyone get back into the game faster. With access to an orthopedic surgeon, state-of-the-art imaging tools and the area’s most comprehensive rehab department, you’ll receive the care that you need to get back to your favorite activities faster.

To make an appointment with Adrienne or if you have any questions, call her office at (701) 952-4126 or her cell phone at (701) 368-1806


JRMC Sports Medicine Team

Michael T. Dean, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon
Tim Volk, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon
Pat Walter, PA

Athletic Training
Adrienne Gahm, MS, LATC