Physical Therapy

Physical therapists focus on making everyday activities easier. Depending on the situation, physical therapy can help you with flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and balance. Physical therapy may be recommended for injuries or long-term health problems such as:

  • back and neck pain
  • knee, shoulder or hip
  • osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • surgery rehab
  • stroke rehab
  • fractures

For people with health problems resulting from injury or disease, physical therapists assist in the recovery to make them stronger, relieve pain and help regain use of an affected body part or relearn activities of daily living such as range of motion, walking, lifting or performing work activity.

Physical therapists teach patients and their families what to do so that healing continues throughout their daily lives at home. Physical therapists also work on prevention to help keep people well and safe from injury by teaching the importance of fitness; postures and body mechanics; as well as showing people how to avoid hurting their bodies during work or play.

Physical Therapists also design and supervise individualized conditioning programs, promote optimal physical performance and help health conscious people to increase their fitness level, core strength and endurance.

JRMC Physical Therapists have over 45 years of experience in providing services to people with conditions such as:

  • low back pain
  • neck pain
  • problems with balance or coordination
  • shoulder, arm, wrist or hand problems
  • knee ankle and foot problems
  • wound care including diabetic wounds and burns
  • muscle sprains and strains
  • arthritis
  • joint replacement surgeries
  • stroke rehab
  • pre and post natal programs
  • hip fractures
  • occupational health
  • incontinence issues
  • fitness and wellness education

Physical therapists at JRMC provide services in a variety of settings including outpatient services, inpatient services, swing bed, home health, and provide contract service to the North Dakota State Hospital and the James River Correctional Center. JRMC also offers free sports injury screenings to help assist clients decide the need for intervention by a physician, need for therapy or other testing in an instance where they are in question as to whether or not they need services. JRMC Physical Therapists have had training and special interest in the areas of gait and lower extremity assessment, manual therapy for the neck and back and SI/pelvic dysfunctions.


Tracy Anderson has been at JRMC since 1998. Tracy has a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. She has special training and focuses treatments in Postural Restoration techniques. Tracy also has training in strain/counterstrain, the pelvic girdle, NDT and gait analysis.

CODY CHAMPAGNE, DPT • Physical Therapist

Cody Champagne joined the team at JRMC in 2010. He graduated from the University of North Dakota. Cody has specialized training in manual therapy techniques. He has completed internships at facilities specializing in work with post-surgical D1 college athletes and neruo-rehabilitation with patients dealing with TBI, stroke, Parkinson’s and paralysis.

MAC CIMBURA, DPT • Physical Therapist

Mac Cimbura joined JRMC in 2013 and has over five years of experience as a physical therapist. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Mac has advanced training in joint mobilizations and manipulations of the spine and extremities.

SANDRA HOFF, DPT • Physical Therapist

Sandra Hoff started at JRMC in 2012. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of North Dakota. Prior to joining JRMC, Sandy worked in Missouri for five years on the traumatic brain injury unit, comprehensive rehab unit (stroke, spinal cord injury, general debility) and outpatient setting. She has special training in manual therapy skills for various orthopedic diagnoses.

PAULA MARKER, MPT • Physical Therapist

Paula Marker has been at JRMC since 2014 and has over 10 years of experience as a physical therapist. She has a Masters of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Mary in Bismark, ND. She has special training in Postural Restoration techniques. She uses a wide variety of modalities and manual therapy techniques to treat various orthopedic diagnoses.  

LUCAS MORKEN, DPT • Physical Therapist

Lucas Morken joined the team at JRMC in 2011. He has a bachelor of science degree in exercise science and a doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Mary. His main interest is outpatient physical therapy. Lucas has special training in treating low back pain and total joint replacements. He also has a personal training certification from NCCPT.

MICHELLE REXIN, MPT • Physical Therapist

Michelle Rexin joined the JRMC team in 2014. She graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Master of Physical Therapy degree in 1999. Michelle has 15 years of experience as a physical therapist primarily in the acute care and rehab setting.  

JULIE SCHULZ, PT • Physical Therapist

Julie Schulz has been on the team at JRMC since 1998 and has over 27 years of experience as a physical therapist. She graduated from Mayo Clinic Physical Therapy program and has a BS degree in Athletic Training from NDSU. Julie has special training in manual therapy techniques including muscle energy, visceral manipulation and neural manipulation. She has special interest in core stabilization and spine/pelvic pain and dysfunction.

Advanced technology at JRMC includes:

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

Patients and therapists working with the AlterG Treadmill equipment report:

  • faster return to normal range of motion
  • improved strength and flexibility
  • safer, more effective training

The advantage of the AlterG is its ability to allow you to be mobile at a fraction of your body weight. By doing this, you can dial in exactly where the pain stops and movement feels good again. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to increase the rate of muscle conditioning and decrease total recovery time.

The AlterG is used to help recover from surgery, rehabilitate after an injury or maintain exercise in order to combat the diseases of aging.

For physical therapists, “direct access” means that a consumer would have the right to obtain services from a licensed physical therapist where or when he or she may choose, without having to first obtain a prescription or referral from a physician if their insurance allows. If there is a need or problem that needs to be addressed by your physician or the medical condition is beyond the scope of the physical therapy practice, you will be referred to your physician for continued care.

How does Direct Access in Physical Therapy benefit me?

  • convenient hours and minimal wait times make it easy to keep tabs on your health
  • eliminates the burden, in both dollars and time, of unnecessary physician visits; making health care more affordable and accessible
  • eliminates delays of services provided by physical therapy by getting treatment when you need it
  • allows for an earlier return to work and daily activities
  • direct access provides earlier intervention keeping people independent and preventing further complications from injury.

Direct access is available during our office hours from 8 am – 4:30 pm.

To schedule an appointment for direct access in physical therapy, please call JRMC Rehab at (701) 952-4800. When you call, please specify that you are calling for direct access services.

JRMC is considered in network for major insurances and for all clinics in Jamestown. If you or someone you know has a need or questions regarding physical therapy, please talk with your physician about a referral for physical therapy or call the JRMC Physical Therapy Department.



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