Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) focuses on the assessment and treatment to develop, recover or maintain the daily living and work skills of people with a physical, mental or cognitive disorder. Occupational therapists help patients focus on identifying and eliminating environmental barriers to independence and participation in daily activities. JRMC Occupational Therapy works with patients to reach their goals so they can function as independently as possible. Occupational therapy focuses on adapting the environment, modifying the task, teaching the skill and educating the patient and/or family in order to increase participation in and performance of daily activities. Occupational therapist at JRMC often work closely with physical therapy, speech therapy, nursing, social workers and the community.


Occupational therapists at JRMC develop a personalized treatment approach for patients with conditions such as:

  • stroke
  • traumatic brain injury
  • arthritis
  • diabetes
  • Parkinson’’s disease
  • low vision

Occupational therapy may focus on areas such as:

  • dressing skills
  • managing a checkbook
  • meal preparation
  • bathing safely
  • returning to driving after an injury or illness

We provide specialized care for a wide variety of arm and hand injuries. Our therapists are trained in custom splint fabrication, the only OTs providing this service in Jamestown!

JRMC occupational therapy provides services featuring the Neuro-Vision Rehabilitator, a state-of-the-art vision therapy system. The NVR uses an interactive software interface, allowing integration of vision, auditory, proprioception, balance and visuomotor control through its Wii technology capabilities. The NVR treatment modules can significantly raise the success level of vision therapy for deficiencies in ocular motor, accommodation and binocular control. The Neuro-Vision Rehabilitator, along with other occupational therapy interventions, can assist individuals following neurological insult (i.e. stroke, head injury, Parkinson’s disease) as well as children experiencing visual problems.

Walking may be difficult or impossible for some people. At times a wheelchair or other mobility device is necessary. Our occupational therapists perform wheelchair assessments to determine whether one would be appropriate and determine the features that would best meet your needs.

We also have an occupational therapist whom is certified in lymphedema(chronic swelling) treatment, another specialty within the field of OT.

Our therapists perform work site ergonomic evaluations to assess and make recommendations for ways to modify environments and tasks to reduce and prevent work-related injuries. Home safety evaluations are also done to assess an individual’s needs and make appropriate, safe and low-cost modifications. These interventions can help you remain in your home and function more independently.

LEANN RIPPLINGER, OTR/L • Occupational Therapist

Leann Ripplinger joined the team at JRMC in 1998. She graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1995 with a B.S. in Occupational Therapy with minors in gerontology and psychology.  Leann has experience working in acute, sub-acute, outpatient, swing bed, home health and hospice settings. She has provided contract services to Alpha Opportunities, working with individuals with a variety of developmental and physical disabilities. She is a trained CarFit event coordinator and has helped organize several public events in Jamestown. Leann has special training in visual deficits/vision rehab, understanding dementia, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation treatment and hand rehabilitation.

“I love to connect with individuals to help them through difficult and scary times.” – Leann


AMY WALZ, OTR/L • Occupational Therapist

Amy Walz joined the team at JRMC in 2009. She received her major in Psychology from UND in 1999 and a degree in Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University in 2001. Amy is currently the chairperson for the North Dakota State Board of Occupational Therapy Practice. She is also an active member of the AOTA and the ND OT associations. Amy has worked in a variety of settings ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics; hand therapy rehab and a range of acute and chronic diagnoses in outpatient, inpatient and home health/hospice settings. She has special training in low vision, wound care and is a certified lymphedema therapist.

“As healthcare providers, we have the honor of helping others. By positively influencing the human spirit, it recharges ourselves in return.” – Amy


If you or someone you know is having difficulty with everyday activities in their home or community, talk with your physician about a referral for occupational therapy.


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