Pain Injections

The Radiology Department at Jamestown Regional Medical Center is now offering services for steroid joint injection for pain management. These services include injections into major joints like the hip or shoulder, injections into the epidural space and facet joints of the spine, and sacro-iliac joint injections. Since joining JRMC, we have identified the need to provide steroid injections to the people in the community who suffer from acute or chronic joint and back pain. All procedures are performed using x-ray fluoroscopy or CT fluoroscopy guidance that improves accuracy and assures that the steroid is being injected into the correct space.

Swelling in the bones, muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, cartilage and other tissues are a common source of pain. Image-guided injection of a short-acting anesthetic and anti-inflammatory steroid is useful in the management of joint pain that has not resolved after conservative therapy. The joint injections can be used to:

  • resolve pain faster than would occur with rest and medication
  • delay surgical intervention
  • diagnose the source of pain
  • diminish symptoms
  • control pain in non-surgical patients

Following the injection, the anesthetic can provide immediate pain relief that will last 4-5 hours. The steroid begins to work after 1-2 days and reaches maximum effectiveness in 5-7 days. The injections provide relief for a period of time and may be repeated to continue that pain relief.

Procedures can routinely be scheduled at JRMC Radiology within a couple of days; however patients who take blood-thinning medication may need to withhold it for a short period of time before the procedures can be scheduled. Some insurance companies require pre-authorization and/or documentation of medication/therapy prior to scheduling the injection procedures.

Procedures can be scheduled by speaking with your provider who will schedule with JRMC Radiology Department.