Wound & Hyperbaric Center

JRMC can heal chronic and non-healing wounds at its onsite, out-patient Wound Center.

JRMC’s Wound Center aggressively manages wounds to ensure they heal quickly and completely. Expect customized evaluation and treatment followed by education, including nutrition and exercise, to minimize re-occurrence.

Jamestown Regional Medical Center is the only hospital in the state to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

To make an appointment, call the JRMC Clinic at (701) 952-4878. To be seen at the JRMC Wound Clinic, you do not need a physician referral.

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For patients living with a chronic wound, everyday activities can be a battle. Without proper treatment patients may suffer for years without any improvement, or even worse, may face amputation.

The JRMC Wound Center understands the challenges faced each day when it comes to chronic and non-chronic healing wounds. The wound center offers cutting edge treatments, the highest quality of dedicated providers and specialists and the ability to work with dressing formularies – all to help wounds heal faster.

JRMC Wound Center:

  • uses evidence-based clinical pathways to treat our patients
  • sets its goals to heal patients within a 16-week time frame. 
  • takes a multidisciplinary, team-centered approach in wound care management
     JRMC partners with primary care providers to manage any other issues that may contribute to the continuation of patients’ problems. 
  • uses advanced techniques, including excisional, surgical-debridement’s, bio-engineered skin substitutes and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Examples of Wounds We Treat

The JRMC Wound Center can help wounds such as these heal faster:

diabetic wounds pressure ulcers venous stasis ulcers
arterial ulcers vasculitic ulcers non-healing surgical wounds
complex soft tissue wounds traumatic wounds infected wounds



Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all of our patients. That means aggressively managing wounds to ensure they heal quickly and completely. We work in conjunction with physicians as partners to determine a compltete set of wound care protocols to address each patient’s needs. And we provide all patients with dedicated and specialized attention, enabling them to return to a full life free from pain of chronic wounds.

The Advanced Wound Center offers a valuable resource for patients with hard-to-treat wounds. Our experienced team, cutting-edge treatments and evidence-based clinical protocols provide superior healing outcomes for difficult to heal wounds. We work with you to manage the healing process from start to finish, ensuring patient compliance and enabling a consistent plan of care.


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