OB/GYN Clinic

The JRMC Gynecology & Obstetrics Clinic is designed to meet the medical needs of women from adolescence to mature adulthood. Our team will offer supportive care and programs that affect women from pregnancy to childbirth to disorders of the reproductive system. It is our goal to enhance your quality of life and provide high quality care to you and your family.

Women’s health is about breast health and so much more. JRMC would like to #RethinkPink this October by hosting women’s health events.
• “What’s Normal?” women’s health series
“No Excuses” 3D Mammogram and Pap Test Day
• Various pop-up events– stay tuned for more information!

Bailey Runkles DO JRMC Clinic JRMC Gynecology & Obstetrics

Appointments are available. Schedule direct at (701) 952-4878.

Dr. Runkles treats patients of all ages for:
• high-risk pregnancy
• infertility care
• endometriosis
• prolapse of the uterus
• contraception with long-acting and reversible contraceptives
• pap smears
• management of ectopic pregnancy 
• dilation and currettage for uterine bleeding
• painful menstruation
• painful intercourse
• hot flashes
• post-menopausal bleeding
• incontinence


Minor procedures and routine clinic appointments are seen in the JRMC Clinic. Some gynecology and obstetric surgeries are performed in the state-of-the-art surgical services department at JRMC.

Some of those procedures include:
• hysterectomy
• diagnostic laparoscopy
• operative laparoscopy for ovarian masses
• pelvic organ prolapse repairs
• hysteroscopy
• emdometrial ablation for uterine bleeding
• tubal ligation
• suction dilation and curretage for miscarriage