Patient and Family Advisory Council

Jamestown Regional Medical Center is proud to announce our medical center’s formation of a Patient and Family Advisory Council for Quality and Safety (PFACQS).

Being a provider of healthcare in our community, JRMC appreciates its longtime partnership with surrounding communities for more than 80 years. We are committed to providing quality healthcare to our patients, families, whom we are so honored to serve and care for – everyday!

Our goal is to create a council that embodies partnership and communication. The council will be reflective of the communities we serve. The council will be composed of patients, family members and/or friends of patients and community leaders, as well as healthcare professionals.

This council will focus on hospital care for patients and help create informed decisions about hospital programs in how they deliver care and provide services.

The objectives of the PFACQS are to:

  • provide ongoing feedback to JRMC, that evaluates and seeks to improve patient safety, quality of care or patient service issues
  • assist JRMC, to continually improve the quality, safety and efficiency of services it offers the patients and families who seek care at JRMC
  • strengthen communication and collaboration among patients, families and other non-professional caregivers, and JRMC professional staff and associates
  • promote information sharing between JRMC, and the patients, families and community it serves
  • aid in establishing JRMC organization priorities in response to patient, family and community needs
  • promotes improved relationships between patients, families and staff
  • provides a venue for patients and families to provide input into policy and program development
  • promote patient and family advocacy and involvement


The council will meet quarterly for one to two hours at JRMC. Members serve on the council for a two-year term.


Participation as a member of this Council gives members a voice in the process as JRMC continues its evolution toward an increasingly patient-centered care delivery system. If you or a family member have been a patient of JRMC and wish to participate as a member of this dynamic team, please complete our online application and submit it via our website or print and complete the attached application and mail to: